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Monday, January 14, 2008

Wrap a Birthday Gift

Choose a wrapping paper appropriate to the gift recipient. Is the gift for a child's birthday? Your grandmother's birthday? Does the recipient have a favorite color? There are wrapping papers available to suit any gift recipient.
Choose coordinating ribbon, and either purchase a premade bow or make your own. See "How to Tie a Decorative Bow" in Related eHows for instructions. If you decide to make your own bow, purchase additional ribbon.
Gather your materials and lay them out on a flat work surface. A kitchen or dining room table works best, but be sure not to scratch the table's surface when cutting the wrapping paper.
Use a string or a tape measure to determine the dimensions of your gift box. For a rectangular box, measure around the box as if you were measuring a waist. Add 2 inches to this dimension, and jot down this number.
Measure the length of your gift box. Measure the height of the box, multiply that number by two and add the total to the length measurement. Write this number down.
Use a ruler or yardstick to cut a piece of wrapping paper to the dimensions calculated in Steps 4 and 5 and place wrapping paper face down on your work surface.
Position package, top down, onto paper so that you are able to bring lengthwise edges of the wrapping paper to the middle of the box. Center the gift box.
Bring one lengthwise edge of wrapping paper to the center of the box. Secure with tape. Turn the opposite edge of paper under approximately 1 inch and bring this to the center of the box as well. The turned-under edge should overlap the first taped edge.
Position box so that one short end is facing you. Grasp left and right edges of wrapping paper and push the sides in so that top and bottom flaps are formed. Make sure that the edges are pushed in as far as they will go without ripping the paper. Secure pushed-in edges to box with tape.
Bring upper flap down against the side of the box, making sure that flap is sharply creased at its folds. Secure flap against box with tape. Bring lower flap up against the side of the box. Crease and secure as you did for the upper flap. Repeat for opposite end of box.
Position package so that the seamless side is up. Affix ribbon and bow as desired.